ELZA: 10 Books I Want to Read in 2021

Challenges have been my go-to resource for getting through my massive To-Read Pile. I’ve relied on Goodreads’s annual reading challenge for several years to help track my progress, and while I love the handy counters and end-of-the-year statistics, picking a reasonable goal has always been a sticking point. This year, I’ve decided to use tools […]

10 Books I Want to Read in 2021 — Elza Kinde

CJ: New Year – New Reading Goal

Check out how CJ plans to read in the new year!

C. J. Milbrandt

Doing it Different. This year, I’m switching up how I choose the books I’ll read. I’m a big fan of reading challenges, and I regularly participate in three:

  • A to Z Challenge (Great Middle Grade Reads)
  • Series Challenge (Great Middle Grade Reads)
  • Reading Bingo Boards (Middle Grade Carousel)

The only problem is that I’m always choosing books because they fit the challenge. And waiting to read many books I’m eager for … until they fit a challenge. I’m tired of putting them off! So this year, I decided to scan my shelves and compile a list of 100 Middle Grade Books that I will (finally) read in 2021. Many are recent releases. Some are part of a series or trilogy I started. And all of them are books I can’t wait to pick up!

Since many of these books are long(ish), I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal much…

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5 Middle Grade Books that Made Me Laugh

As a lover of puns, it should come as no surprise that my favorite books are usually the ones that make me laugh. Preferably out loud. There are lots of funny things that happen every day, and reading funny books is a good reminder to keep a sense of humor. So today I’m sharing a few books that do just that!

MG Books that Make Me Laugh


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#amreading About Witches

The Secret Destiny of Pixie Piper – Pixie’s knack for writing poems doesn’t seem very special until she learns about her magical heritage.
The Bag of Bones – Everyone is eager to hear whom Queen Bluebell will declare as her heir, especially the scheming Truda Hangnail, an illegal Deep Witch.
Charmed Life – Cat and his gifted sister, Gwendolen, are brought to Chrestomanci Castle to learn from the world’s greatest enchanterbut Cat can’t do any magic.

What are you reading?

#amreading Adventures with Pirates

Finding Serendipity – Tuesday discovers a way into the world of writers and faces off against the villain of her mother’s creation.
How to Train Your Dragon 2: How to Be a Pirate – Hiccup’s lessons in piracy come to a halt when the class comes upon a stranger searching for his stolen treasure.
Baker’s Magic – Bee’s magical gift places her in the position to help an orphaned princess escape from her cruel guardian.

What are you reading?