There were three of these side by side, all very much alike. One was a ‘Firefly,’ brilliant red. The second was a ‘Thunderbolt,’ all yellow and silver. And the third was blue, a dark mysterious blue the colour of some cold secret lake. It had a box-shaped container, just the right size, above its rear wheel. It was called ‘Icebreaker.”

The Queen’s Nose
Dick King-Smith

Book cover of The Queen's Nose by Dick King-Smith

Red Sky

The sky above the wall was always a different color than the sky over the rest of the city. Today it was blister red, clouds swirling in a towering vortex, almost as if the wind was blowing in different directions on the other side of the wall. It probably was. The Wasteland obeyed no laws of nature.

Door to the Lost
Jaleigh Johnson

Door to the Lost by Jaleigh Johnson