Top 10: Frankenwords

What would happen if you took half a word, half of a different word, and stitched them together? You’d create a monster! Or, more accurately, a Frankenword.

These wordy mashups (also known as portmanteau) are generally harmless, always fun to say, and sometimes so sneaky, you’d never know they started off as two separate pieces to begin with.


10. Guesstimate

A guesstimate is when you make an estimate without any real data to back it up. It’s kind of like playing The Price is Right, but there are no prizes. It’s a guessed estimate! Get it?


09. Frenemy

Friend? Enemy? Why not both? Both is good. Or maybe not. If you’re on friendly terms with a person you’re also in rivalry with, you’re probably frenemies.

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Top 15: Orange Pokemon

We Kinde ladies love to collect things, so it makes perfect sense (to us, at least) that our favorite video game is Pokemon.

For our theme this month at #MGCarousel, we collected just a few of our favorite Pokemon who come in various shades of orange. Have you caught ’em all?


15. Mothim

This Bug/Flying type Pokemon only evolves from a male Burmy, which makes it a bit of a tough critter to collect. This lovely orange-and-tan moth is well worth the hours of battling those pesky little bundles, though.

15. Mothim

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Top 10: Feathered Fantasy Creatures

One of the biggest draws for the fantasy genre are all of the amazing magical critters that exist between the pages, be they folktale favorites, monsters from ancient myths, or newly-imagined novelties.

Since our theme for June is FEATHERS, we’ve decided to give you a countdown of our top ten favorite fantasy creatures who happen to sport some plumage.

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