#MGCarousel – December 2021

Middle Grade Carousel is a month-long reading challenge for fans of middle grade fiction. Our challenge this December is…

December at Middle Grade Carousel: Plotting a Course

Plotting a Course

Pack your bags and prepare for adventure! This month, we’re booked to tour the library for Middle Grade travel stories.

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Blue Leather

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

At the far end of the last row of shelves I found a strange pair of shoes. Well, not really all that strange—they were sitting beside two somethings made of black and white feathers, which could not possibly fit human feet— but they caught my attention nonetheless. They were a rich azure blue, and made from very soft, thick leather. They had no laces, but slipped over the foot to reach a little way up the front and back of the ankle. The heels were low, the soles were made of some stiffer dark gold leather, and the interiors were lined with white silk. They were much too fancy for my needs, but I couldn’t tear my eyes from them all the same.

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George