#MGCarousel Challenges

Middle Grade Carousel is a monthly reading challenge for fans of middle grade fiction. Every month, a new theme is announced. Tag books that you’ve read, recommend, and review with #MGCarousel to participate. These challenges are wide open to interpretation, so you can be as creative as you like!

This Month!

We're going on winter break! Middle Grade Carousel will be back with new reading challenges and bookish games in January 2023. Follow Elymnifoquent.com for future updates.


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Past Challenges!

2022 (January – November)
  • Bookmark for January 2022 features library themed illustrations, including a library card, a book drop box, a pile of bookmarks, and a little free library box.
  • Bookmark for February 2022 features illustrations of sibling themed t-shirts, including a purple one that reads "I'm the Eldest" in multi-colored text. A light blue one that says "Big Bro" in bold blue letters. A yellow one with "Middle Kid" in pink, curly handwriting. And a red shirt with "Twin 2" in the style of Dr. Seuss's Thing 1 & Thing 2.
  • Bookmark for March 2022 features illustrations of yellow things, including a Lego brick, a road sign, a lightbulb, and a rubber duck bath toy.
  • Bookmark for April 2022 features illustrations of insects, including a bee, lightening bug, dragonfly, and ladybug.
  • Bookmark for May 2022 features lock and key themed illustrations, including an antique doorknob and plate, a skeleton key, a padlock, and a hotel key tag.
  • Bookmark for June 2022 features Sci-Fi themed illustrations, including VR goggles, planets, a UFO, and a friendly robot.
  • Bookmark for July 2022 features water-themed illustrations, including a surfer on a wave, a reusable water bottle, a raining storm cloud, and a decorative water fountain.
  • Bookmark for August 2022 features game-themed illustrations, including multi-sided dice, a LIFE board game car with pegs in yellow, blue, pink, and purple, dominoes, and a CANDYLAND game piece.
  • Bookmark for September 2022 features illustrations of mice, including a gray mouse that looks excited, a brown mouse with curly whiskers shaped like a mustache, a golden mouse with a shy expression, and a white mouse with big front teeth.
  • Bookmark for October 2022 features illustrations of ghosts, including one with a surprised, screaming face; a ghost with a wide smile and arms upraised; one waving and smiling in a friendly manner; and one waving its arms and frowning ominously.
  • Bookmark for November 2022 features illustrations of black and white things, including the Queen chess piece, a penguin, salt and pepper shakers, and a white rabbit peeking out from a magician's top hat.
2021 (January-December)
  • Bookmark for January 2021 features illustrations of different phases of the moon.
  • Bookmark for February 2021 features illustrations of pink things, including a pair of tulip flowers; a gumball machine; cotton candy; and a Valentine's Day card.
  • Bookmark featuring four decorated Western-style saddles.
  • Bookmark for May 2021 features illustrations of theater masks with different expressions, including happy, surprised, sad, and a wicked smirk.
  • Bookmark for June 2021 features illustrations of different crowns, including a bejeweled circlet, a pointed European-style crown, an imperial-style English crown, and a Napoleon-esque crown.
  • Bookmark for July 2021 features illustrations of summer things, including a pair of flip-flop sandals, a sunflower, aviator-style sunglasses, and a slice of watermelon.
  • Bookmark for August 2021 features illustrations of green things, including a four-leaf clover; a street sign; a traffic light; and a turtle.
  • Bookmark for September 2021 features illustrations of flying things, including a hot air balloon; a winged combat boot, a bat, and a kite.
  • Bookmark for October 2021 features illustrations of cryptids, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a mermaid, and a jackalope.
  • Bookmark for November 2021 features illustrations of shoes, including a jester's pointy shoe, a bunny slipper, a cowboy boot, and a roller skate.
  • Bookmark for December 2021 features travel-themed illustrations, including a passport and boarding ticket, a You Are Here symbol with hand-lettered text, a tri-fold map, and a suitcase decorated with stickers.
2020 (January-December)
  • August 2020 at #MGCarousel
  • Bookmark for October 2020 at Middle Grade Carousel
  • Bookmark for November 2020 at Middle Grade Carousel
2019 (January-December)
2018 (May-December)

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