#MGCarousel Challenges

Middle Grade Carousel is a monthly reading challenge for fans of middle grade fiction. Every month, a new theme is announced. Tag books that you’ve read, recommend, and review with #MGCarousel to participate. These challenges are wide open to interpretation, so you can be as creative as you like!

This Month!

February 2023 at Middle Grade Carousel. Something to Sip: Middle Grade books about beverages. Hosted at Elymnifoquent.com.

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Past Challenges!

2023 (January – Current)
  • Bookmark for January 2023 features illustrations of musical items, including headphones, a set of drumsticks, a trumpet, and a microphone.
  • Bookmark for February 2023 features illustrations of beverages, including a strawberry milkshake, hot cocoa, a can of soda, and a milk carton.
2022 (January – November)
  • Bookmark for January 2022 features library themed illustrations, including a library card, a book drop box, a pile of bookmarks, and a little free library box.
  • Bookmark for February 2022 features illustrations of sibling themed t-shirts, including a purple one that reads "I'm the Eldest" in multi-colored text. A light blue one that says "Big Bro" in bold blue letters. A yellow one with "Middle Kid" in pink, curly handwriting. And a red shirt with "Twin 2" in the style of Dr. Seuss's Thing 1 & Thing 2.
  • Bookmark for March 2022 features illustrations of yellow things, including a Lego brick, a road sign, a lightbulb, and a rubber duck bath toy.
  • Bookmark for April 2022 features illustrations of insects, including a bee, lightening bug, dragonfly, and ladybug.
  • Bookmark for May 2022 features lock and key themed illustrations, including an antique doorknob and plate, a skeleton key, a padlock, and a hotel key tag.
  • Bookmark for June 2022 features Sci-Fi themed illustrations, including VR goggles, planets, a UFO, and a friendly robot.
  • Bookmark for July 2022 features water-themed illustrations, including a surfer on a wave, a reusable water bottle, a raining storm cloud, and a decorative water fountain.
  • Bookmark for August 2022 features game-themed illustrations, including multi-sided dice, a LIFE board game car with pegs in yellow, blue, pink, and purple, dominoes, and a CANDYLAND game piece.
  • Bookmark for September 2022 features illustrations of mice, including a gray mouse that looks excited, a brown mouse with curly whiskers shaped like a mustache, a golden mouse with a shy expression, and a white mouse with big front teeth.
  • Bookmark for October 2022 features illustrations of ghosts, including one with a surprised, screaming face; a ghost with a wide smile and arms upraised; one waving and smiling in a friendly manner; and one waving its arms and frowning ominously.
  • Bookmark for November 2022 features illustrations of black and white things, including the Queen chess piece, a penguin, salt and pepper shakers, and a white rabbit peeking out from a magician's top hat.
2021 (January-December)
  • Bookmark for January 2021 features illustrations of different phases of the moon.
  • Bookmark for February 2021 features illustrations of pink things, including a pair of tulip flowers; a gumball machine; cotton candy; and a Valentine's Day card.
  • Bookmark featuring four decorated Western-style saddles.
  • Bookmark for May 2021 features illustrations of theater masks with different expressions, including happy, surprised, sad, and a wicked smirk.
  • Bookmark for June 2021 features illustrations of different crowns, including a bejeweled circlet, a pointed European-style crown, an imperial-style English crown, and a Napoleon-esque crown.
  • Bookmark for July 2021 features illustrations of summer things, including a pair of flip-flop sandals, a sunflower, aviator-style sunglasses, and a slice of watermelon.
  • Bookmark for August 2021 features illustrations of green things, including a four-leaf clover; a street sign; a traffic light; and a turtle.
  • Bookmark for September 2021 features illustrations of flying things, including a hot air balloon; a winged combat boot, a bat, and a kite.
  • Bookmark for October 2021 features illustrations of cryptids, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a mermaid, and a jackalope.
  • Bookmark for November 2021 features illustrations of shoes, including a jester's pointy shoe, a bunny slipper, a cowboy boot, and a roller skate.
  • Bookmark for December 2021 features travel-themed illustrations, including a passport and boarding ticket, a You Are Here symbol with hand-lettered text, a tri-fold map, and a suitcase decorated with stickers.
2020 (January-December)
  • August 2020 at #MGCarousel
  • Bookmark for October 2020 at Middle Grade Carousel
  • Bookmark for November 2020 at Middle Grade Carousel
2019 (January-December)
2018 (May-December)

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