What’s Middle Grade?

Middle grade books are intended for children aged 8-12 and can be further divided into upper and lower middle grade. Lower middle grade titles are usually shorter chapter books, often with a slightly larger typeface and illustrations throughout (3rd-4th grade). Upper middle grade titles can have the same length and heft as YA books, but their subject matter stays in MG territory (5th-6th grade).

Why do we read middle grade?

Elza Kinde
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Middle grade stories are the best kinds of stories! I like reading books that focus on the important things in life. Friendships and families, creative thinking and  being thoughtful, wordplay and puns. My favorite genres are fairy tale fantasies, Steampunk, contemporary, mysteries, magical realism, the occasional historical, quests, any blend of the above, and almost anything with a quirky old house on the cover. I’m a picky reader who prefers a novel to a series. Thankfully, there are a lot of great middle grade reads out there!

Practically Perfect in Every Way_
C. J. Milbrandt
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Middle grade has always been my happy place. One of the things that sets a MG novel apart from the YA crowd is the absence of romantic entanglements. So the mystery is afoot … the play is the thing … the quest carries the plot … and the connections forged revolve around friendship, teamwork, friendly rivalries, and family ties. Give me stirring adventures with learning curves, common ground, and heroic choices.

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