Top 10: Feathered Fantasy Creatures

One of the biggest draws for the fantasy genre are all of the amazing magical critters that exist between the pages, be they folktale favorites, monsters from ancient myths, or newly-imagined novelties.

Since our theme for June is FEATHERS, we’ve decided to give you a countdown of our top ten favorite fantasy creatures who happen to sport some plumage.

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Flying Keys

Not for nothing, though, was Harry the youngest Seeker in a century. He had a knack for spotting things that other people didn’t. After a minute’s weaving about through the whirl of rainbow feathers, he noticed a large silver key that had a bent wing, as if it had already been caught and stuffed roughly into the keyhole.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
J. K. Rowling

Rowling, J.K. - HP Sorcerer's Stone

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