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Looking for books that fit our monthly reading challenge this May? Try one of the favorites from our home shelf!

Book spotlight for Middle Grade Carousel May 2022: Under Lock and Key features the book 100 CUPBOARDS by N. D. Wilson

Twelve-year-old Henry York arrives in Henry, Kansas to stay with his uncle’s family. Everything seems ordinary in their small farmhouse until something goes bump in the night—literally.

Soon Henry and his cousins are entangled in an adventure that includes strangers in the abandoned bedroom, secret cupboards in the guest room, and officiated messages from impossible places.

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#MGCarousel – May 2022

Our month-long themed challenges are designed for readers of Middle Grade fiction. Play along by finding books which match the prompt.

Our challenge this May is…

May 2022 at Middle Grade Carousel: Under Lock and Key

Under Lock and Key

This month we’re keyed up to secure books that you can lock up, deadbolt, or secure with a special code. Take a look at your shelf and see if you can spot a lock or key!

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Her Royal Highness

Air by Monica Roe

“There she is!” Ale says suddenly. “Her Royal Highness,” I follow her pointing finger to the queen bee, bigger than the rest, with a cluster of other bees surrounding her like flower petals. I admit, I don’t always pay close attention when Ale goes on about her bees, but I know the queen is the boss of the whole hive.

Air by Monica Roe