Enola Holmes

April 3 is National Tweed Day, and what better way to celebrate than with allusions to Sherlock Holmes! The fictional detective is famous for his tweedy attire. Both his trademark deerstalker cap and his sleeveless Inverness cape were made of the rough, woolen cloth so suitable to London’s damp and highland’s moors. One of my favorite middlegrade series casts Sherlock in a new light. He and Mycroft are the much older brothers of a clever girl named Enola.

Solving Crime Runs in the Family

Enola Holmes 01

“She reminds me of myself when I was that age, all nose and chin, gawky and awkward, simply not fitting in with any —”

“Nonsense!” At once the older brother puts a stop to such balderdash. “Preposterous! She is a female. Her intellect is inferior, she requires protection … there can be no comparison.”

The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (Enola Holmes, #2)
Nancy Springer

Enola Holmes 02-06

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CJ’s review of Book 1: The Case of the Missing Marquess

Author: C. J. Milbrandt


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