May Ray Day

If your name is Ray (or Rae), it’s your lucky day! May 19 is National May Ray Day.

We’re celebrating in our word-nerdy way by highlighting five words and phrases coined by Rachael Ray.

  1. EVOO is an abbreviation for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, officially coined by Ms. Ray. EVOO eventually made it into the dictionary as an official word, which makes sense, since Extra Virgin Olive Oil is kind of a mouthful.
  2. If it’s thinner than a stew, but thicker than a soup, Rachael Ray calls it a Stoup. We call it delicious.
  3. We love it when Rachael tells you to eyeball it, because we don’t really believe in measuring ingredients either… just don’t tell Alton.
  4. A hearty Yum-O! is the ultimate stamp of approval, and does double duty as Rachael’s catchphrase.
  5. A Spoonula is a handy kitchen gadget that combines the best features of the spoon and the spatula. You can even have your own set, because they’re a part of her Rachael Ray kitchenware line.


Do you create your own words?

Author: Elza Kinde

Elza is a designer of graphics, reader of Middle Grade, and maker of bad puns. Her creative outlets include hand lettering, blogging, and fiction writing to name a few! You can find her on most social media platforms as @elzakinde.

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