Snacks for Bookworms

Finding the best reading snack can be tricky. Too sticky, and you might accidentally glue the book. Dusty foods would leave fingerprints. Juggling utensils and turning pages is a dangerous business. But, as connoisseurs and well-practiced Snack-While-You-Readers, we have come up with some go-to favorites.

5. Drinking it Up

A hot beverage has been the perfect book pairing for about as long as paper has been around. There’s nothing more cozy than a cup of tea or fresh-brewed coffee to relax into a new story. Alternately, we’ve been known to snag a can of ice cold seltzer if it’s too toasty to be drinking boiled water. Our favorite flavor is Cucumber Melon.

4. Salsa Fresca

Chips and salsa require a practiced hand, but the combo is hard to beat, especially if you can get your hands on some fresh-made salsa. Heat those chips up in the microwave for a minute first, and you’re really in business.

3. Veggie Dip

Carrots and hummus is a little easier to master, and hummus pairs well with almost anything in the veggie drawer (almost). We’re both big fans of dip, so the stuff goes pretty fast, but fortunately we know how to make it from scratch.

2. Something Red

Apples and red bell peppers are a go-to even when we’re not reading! It’s a sweet and refreshing treat, especially in summer. Plate up some pre-sliced pieces and crunch away, but snap a picture first, because all that red looks almost too pretty to eat.

1. Arare

Japanese rice crackers and spicy wasabi-flavored dried peas are our favorite bookside treat. The arare crackers are easy to eat without getting messy, and wasabi peas make for a spicy surprise if you’re not paying attention to what you grab!


What are your favorite reading snacks?

Author: Elza Kinde

Elza is a designer of graphics, reader of Middle Grade, and maker of bad puns. Her creative outlets include hand lettering, blogging, and fiction writing to name a few! You can find her on most social media platforms as @elzakinde.

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