International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day! In celebration, we’re sharing some of our favorite seafaring characters.


Captain Hook & Smee

We love a dynamic duo (are you really so surprised?), so these two are a must in our book. Captain Hook may have the cunning, the looks, and the feathery hat, but where would he be without Smee?



Cap’n Crunch

This iconic cold cereal mascot may not be a pirate, but Horatio Magellan Crunch has plenty of gold (in the form of crunchy breakfast food), a private island, his own ship (the Guppy), and a pretty rad hat. If he went rogue, Cap’n Crunch would probably be unstoppable.



Davy Jones

We’ve probably all heard the threat of visiting Davy Jones’s locker at one time or another in our pirating careers, but did it ever occur to ask who Davy Jones WAS? We think turning Davy into a tentacle-faced pirate was a genius move for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.



Jim Hawkins

The Jim we knew from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel got a serious upgrade in Disney’s Treasure Planet. Seeking out adventure and possibility, Jim may not be an official pirate, but he’d be a fine addition to the crew if he decided to embrace his dark side.



The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

Perhaps not the most ambitious crew, these vegetating pirates have stolen our hearts. What they lack in basic ship maintenance skills, they make up for with a very silly song.



Who are your favorite fictional pirates?

Author: Middle Grade Carousel

A mother-daughter duo dedicated to all things Middle Grade, CJ & Elza run a series of monthly reading challenges. You can also find them on Twitter: @kindeladies, or Instagram: @mgcarousel.

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