Top 10: Frankenwords

What would happen if you took half a word, half of a different word, and stitched them together? You’d create a monster! Or, more accurately, a Frankenword.

These wordy mashups (also known as portmanteau) are generally harmless, always fun to say, and sometimes so sneaky, you’d never know they started off as two separate pieces to begin with.


10. Guesstimate

A guesstimate is when you make an estimate without any real data to back it up. It’s kind of like playing The Price is Right, but there are no prizes. It’s a guessed estimate! Get it?


09. Frenemy

Friend? Enemy? Why not both? Both is good. Or maybe not. If you’re on friendly terms with a person you’re also in rivalry with, you’re probably frenemies.

08. Pixel

The word pixel comes from the two words picture and element. Pixels are teeny tiny dots that make up pictures in photographs or on screens. If you zoom in, you’ll be able to see the pixels, which look like squares of a single color.


07. Spork

A spork is the perfect blend of spoon and fork. Shaped like a spoon, but with tines! We love a multipurpose tool almost as much as we like saying “spork!”.


06. Hangry

When your hunger induces extreme crabbiness, you’re just hangry. This is a feeling Elza knows all too well, so take it from a professional: use the spork.


05. Simulcast

When that overseas special you enjoy watching is releasing via simulcast, that means it’s broadcasting simultaneously in both (or multiple) countries. That’s great for those of us who don’t like spoilers!


04. Zeedonk

What do you get when you cross a zebra and a donkey? A Zeedonk! They look like a donkey with zebra-print knee socks, and we love them.


03. Chortle

This word was invented by the famous author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll! A chortle is something between a chuckle and a snort, and probably not very lady-like.


02. Pokemon

Did you know that Pokemon is made up of the words pocket and monster? This popular franchise is known for their adorable fantasy critters which, conveniently, shrink to fit inside of a pocket-sized device called a Pokeball.


01. Alphabet

The first two letters of the Greek alphabet are alpha and beta, so instead of saying A, B, C‘s they said “alphabet”. Everything makes sense, now.


What are your favorite frankenwords?

Author: Elza Kinde

Elza is a designer of graphics, reader of Middle Grade, and maker of bad puns. Her creative outlets include hand lettering, blogging, and fiction writing to name a few! You can find her on most social media platforms as @elzakinde.

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