#MGCarousel – October 2019

Header for October 2019: Cats features the Middle Grade Carousel banner and an emoji-style cat face.

Middle Grade Carousel is a series of monthly challenges for lovers and readers of middle grade books. Our theme for October is…

October at Middle Grade Carousel: The Cat's Meow

The Cat’s Meow

They’re curious, they commit burglary, and they’ve probably got your tongue. They may be up to mischief, but it’s hard to hold it against them!

When it comes to kittens, we’re smitten! This month we’re celebrating our favorite felines in fiction, from pampered pets to fantastical familiars.

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Author: Middle Grade Carousel

A mother-daughter duo dedicated to all things Middle Grade, CJ & Elza run a series of monthly reading challenges. You can also find them on Twitter: @kindeladies, or Instagram: @mgcarousel.

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