#amreading in the afterlife

Looking for books that fit our monthly reading challenge this October? Try one of the favorites from our home shelf!

Book spotlight for Middle Grade Carousel October 2022: Ghost Stories features the book KARMA MOON: GHOST HUNTER by Melissa Savage.

When Karma’s dad lands a job with Netflix doing a docu-series, it’s huge. The only problem is, he’s supposed to be chasing down ghosts at a haunted hotel across the country, and Karma’s more than a little skittish. She’s a worrier, and she keeps dreaming up worse case scenarios.

Joined by her best friend and a mysterious local, Karma investigates every strange happening in the historically creepy Stanley Hotel as part of her dad’s Totally Rad film crew over her spring break. Their mission: find a ghost and get it on camera.

Check our #MGCarousel Challenges page for more info.

Author: Middle Grade Carousel

A mother-daughter duo dedicated to all things Middle Grade, CJ & Elza run a series of monthly reading challenges. You can also find them on Twitter: @kindeladies, or Instagram: @mgcarousel.

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