Grandy is my grandparent—one of my father’s parents—but I don’t know if vo is my grandmother or my grandfather, because each week vo spends Thursday, Friday, and Saturday wearing jeans and button shirts and boots and a cap with veir hair tucked up inside, talks in a low, loud voice and goes by Vern. Then on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday vo dresses in frilly blouses and skirts and panty hose with veir hair brushed out soft and loose, talks in a high, soft voice, and goes by Vera.

Felix Yz
Lisa Bunker
Felix Yz by Lisa Bunker

#MGCarousel – August 2019

Middle Grade Carousel is a series of monthly challenges for lovers and readers of middle grade books. Our theme for August is…

June at Middle Grade Carousel: Next In Line


Next in Line

Stories from our past can shape us into the people we become–but what about those with magical bloodlines, famous ancestors, or parents of another species?

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