Everything Magic

“The two-story shop’s walls were covered floor to ceiling with bookshelves and autographed black-and-white photographs of famous magicians. Every surface was cluttered with magical items of every sort: crystal balls, decks of cards, top hats, wands, capes, and even a human skull.”

The Magic Misfits
Neil Patrick Harris

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Gentle Beings

I sat hidden on the wide windowsill behind the drapes in my room and thought about Ma. Best were Ma’s sweet smiles and her enchanting pretends, like collecting magical wishes in our aprons at dewtime and searching for fairy houses where the deep purple violets grew and the wind shushed in the hemlocks. Like leaving gifts for the fairies—tiny star and half-moon cookies, loaves the size of thumbnails, cloaks smaller than our little fingers. Ma loved all the invisible and gentle beings.

Hattie on Her Way
Clara Gillow Clark

Hattie on Her Way by Clara Gillow Clark

Cabinets of Wonders

These early collections, centuries ago, were stored in pieces of furniture called Cabinets of Wonders. The cabinets were ornately carved, with dozens of tiny doors and drawers and hidden spaces filled with a nearly infinite variety of amazing items. Here, one could find everything from precious gems to unicorn horns, intricately carved ivory, and magical cups that could cure all poisons. Great and glorious works of art resided in these collections, side by side with the wonders of nature.

Brian Selznick

Selznick, Brian - Wonderstruck