#MGCarousel – Through History: Ancient Days to Middle Ages

Middle Grade Through History: Ancient Days to Middle Ages March 2023 at Middle Grade Carousel. Visit Elymnifoquent.com for the full list.

Our #MGCarousel reading challenge this month is all about HISTORICAL FICTION. CJ and Elza have curated a collection of Middle Grade tales from ancient history up to medieval times.

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Bingo Squares

Looking for books that fit July’s Summer Reading Bingo challenge? Here are a few recommendations to help you read for a win!

Bingo Squares: double 'O' in the title

Double ‘O’ in the Title

Want to play?

Download this month’s bingo card and jump right in!

Can you find any titles with double ‘O’ words on your bookshelf? Share an MG read you’d add to our stack in the comments!