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Looking for books that fit our monthly reading challenge this May? Try one of the favorites from our home shelf!

Book spotlight for Middle Grade Carousel May 2022: Under Lock and Key features the book AGATHA ODDLY: THE SECRET KEY by Lena Jones

Agatha is smart, observant, and steeped in the fiction of her namesake, Agatha Christie. In fact, Hercule Poirot is her imaginary friend. But few people appreciate her little investigations. But when a new case presents itself, Agatha knows it’s her big chance to prove herself. But she and her friends are in way over their heads.

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#MGCarousel – 20 Middle Grade Books with Locks and Keys

20 Middle Grade books with Locks and Keys: A high-security collection of Middle Grade books featuring hidden treasure, secret portals, and historical heirlooms.

Our #MGCarousel reading challenge this month is all about LOCKS AND KEYS. If you’re ready to unlock the possibilities, CJ and Elza have gathered 20 Middle Grade books that feature padlocks, skeleton keys, secret doors, treasure chests, and more high-security places.

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