Ranch Horses

He thought of the horses at Grandpa’s ranch. Three of them in all. One was called Cropper after the horse of the famous cowboy Bill Pickett. Another horse, a dapple gray, got his name from Grandpa. Grandpa said the horse talked to him, so he named him Palaver. Black Lightning, the youngest of the tree, belonged to Justin whenever Justin visited the ranch. Justin called him Black and called Palaver, Pal.

Justin and the Best Biscuit in the World by Mildred Pitts Walter
Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World by Mildred Pitts Walter

Author: Middle Grade Carousel

A mother-daughter duo dedicated to all things Middle Grade, CJ & Elza run a series of monthly reading challenges. You can also find them on Twitter: @kindeladies, or Instagram: @mgcarousel.

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