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Looking for books that fit our monthly reading challenge this January? Try one of the favorites from our home shelf!

Book spotlight for Middle Grade Carousel January 2023: How Sweet the Sound features the book TUNE IT OUT by Jamie Sumner.

Lou Montgomery has the voice of an angel, but she doesn’t wish for the fame and fortune that her mother dreams up as they travel place to place across the country in their pickup. Lou has never liked crowds or loud noises or even high fives; in fact, she’s terrified of them, which makes her pretty sure there’s something wrong with her.

After an accident brings child services into the situation, Lou is separated from her mom and sent to stay with family she’s never known. With help from an outgoing new friend, her kindly aunt and uncle, and the counselor of her fancy new private school, Lou begins to see her life, music, and opportunities a lot differently.

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#MGCarousel – 20 Middle Grade Books About Music

20 Middle Grade Books About Music: January 2023 at Middle Grade Carousel. Visit Elymnifoquent.com for the full list.

Our #MGCarousel reading challenge this month is all about MUSIC. If you’re seeking stories with rhythm, CJ and Elza have gathered 20 Middle Grade books that feature band campers, bardic inspiration, strumming, swinging, and plenty a catchy tune!

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Bingo Squares

Need a little help finding books that fit this month’s bingo board? Here are a few recommendations!

Bingo Squares: a guitar on the cover

A Guitar on the Cover

Want to play?

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Can you find a book with a guitar on your bookshelf?