Bike in Place

Mom says physical exercise is healthy and important but it’s risky and dangerous. So, I have a bike but it’s stationary. She’s too worried I’ll fall and injure myself to let me out on the open road. Or even the open driveway. But I have complete freedom to bike in place as long as I wear a helmet.

The Incredible Magic of Being
Kathryn Erskine

Erskine, Kathryn - The Incredible Magic of Being

Top Ten

In many ways, the ghost in the jar had been a thorn in my side for ages….It was thoroughly, defiantly, exultantly reprehensible; in fact, if you wrote down the ten most unsavory character traits you could imagine, the skull possessed the nine worst on the list, and it only lacked the tenth because that one wasn’t quite bad enough.

The Creeping Shadow
Jonathan Stroud
Stroud, Jonathan - Creeping Shadow


If you assigned a number to each letter of the alphabet—a somewhat common practice in Bach’s time, apparently—J. S. Bach’s last name added up to fourteen. B (2) + A (1) + C (3) + H (8) = 14. He used the sum of the letters in his name in creative ways in his compositions … it was Bach’s way of building in a cryptic “signature.”

Giant Pumpkin Suite
Melanie Heuiser Hill

Hill, Melanie Heuiser - Giant Pumpkin Suite